Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021
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'A sense of impending doom': NHS doctors on what it's like to be on the Covid-19 frontline

Telegraph, 18 Jan 2021
"We are used to dealing with illness and death", Dr Sonia Adesara says, "what we're not used to dealing with is so much of it".

She is one of the four NHS frontline staff who spoke of their daily struggle against a virus which is ripping its way through the country.

For some, it is an impending sense of doom felt in their intensive care units (ICU), packed with patients struggling to breathe. For others, it's the tears shed on the way home at the end of a shift, or the anger and frustration aimed at those who deny the severity of the disease.

But there is a common denominator: no one was mentally prepared to deal with the sheer volume of ill patients for such an extended period of time.

As a patient is being admitted to hospital with coronavirus “every thirty seconds”, according to the chief executive of NHS England and the fatigue sets in after nearly a year of battling Covid-19,  NHS frontline staff give an insight of what is going through their minds inside the ICU.

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