Thursday, Dec 02, 2021
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Afghan refugees resettle in US with help from American former colleague who helped them escape

SCMP, 26 Nov 2021
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More than a decade ago, American Caroline Clarin worked in Afghanistan developing a US Department of Agriculture programme to turn a dry and impoverished area in eastern Afghanistan into gardens and orchards that still feed local families today. Clarin formed a close bond with the 12 Afghan agricultural specialists on her team known as “Caroline's guys”. But since the programme was shut down in 2011 forcing Clarin to head home, she has grown increasingly concerned about the men and their families who faced Taliban retaliation for working with Americans. Over the past four years, she and her partner have invested their time and savings to try and get them out of Afghanistan, and away from risks which have grown since the militants recently regained control of the country. The latest of five they have rescued so far is Ihsanullah Patan, who moved with his family in May 2021 to a farming area in the state of Minnesota where Clarin lives.

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