Wednesday, Aug 04, 2021
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos wins second in billionaire space race

DW, 21 Jul 2021
"It was the best day ever." Those were the words of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos after he returned from his quick trip on Blue Origin's New Shepard to the edge of outer space today.
Bezos's space tourism company made its first manned flight with the owner on board.
Also on board: Bezos brother Mark, and a Dutch high school student and veteran female pilot Wally Funk - the youngest and oldest people to leave the earth's atmosphere.
The group were able to unfasten their seat belts to enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness.
The trip lasted just over ten minutes before the capsule hit the Texan dust.
The excitement could be contagious and lucrative - experts say the nascent industry could be worth three billion dollars annually within a decade. Worth popping the champagne for.


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