Monday, Apr 12, 2021
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AstraZeneca shot: EU drug regulator releases results of blood clot investigation | LIVE

CA, 07 Apr 2021
The European Union’s drug regulator will announce the conclusions of its investigation into the possible connection between AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine and rare blood clots on Wednesday, including recommendations that could have far-reaching effects on the use of the vaccine that is key to global efforts to end the pandemic.

Earlier this week, a senior official from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said there was a causal link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the rare clots that have been seen in dozens of people worldwide, among the tens of millions who have received at least one dose of the shot.

Marco Cavaleri, head of health threats and vaccine strategy at the Amsterdam-based agency, said in comments to Rome’s Il Messaggero newspaper on Tuesday that “it is becoming more and more difficult to affirm that there isn’t a cause-and-effect relationship between AstraZeneca vaccines and the very rare cases of blood clots associated with a low level of platelets.”

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