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Australia and New Zealand's "travel bubble" to begin April 19

CA, 06 Apr 2021
New Zealand announced on Tuesday a "travel bubble" between the country and Australia, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying New Zealand would allow quarantine-free visits by Australians beginning April 19.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison welcomed the news, saying it was another "big step," while adding that both countries had "led the way" when it came to managing COVID-19.

Several Australian residents applauded the move, with some saying it was a "long time coming" and others looking forward to finally seeing their children and grandchildren.

"I'll be over there in the next three or four weeks seeing and cuddling my kids which I've missed out on so many, so many months, well, over a year," said John Holloway.

Australia had previously allowed New Zealanders to arrive without going into quarantine but New Zealand had taken a more cautious approach, requiring travellers from Australia to spend two weeks in quarantine. The move to form a "travel bubble" is in part due to low case numbers and efforts by both countries to keep out the virus.

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