Saturday, Sep 19, 2020
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Beirut explosion: Priest who conducted mass when blast hit vows to rebuild church

CA, 07 Aug 2020
Pastor of Saint Maron Church in Beirut, Priest Marwan Mouawad, recounted on Thursday the moment a massive blast hit the city two days earlier, and the subsequent shockwave that destroyed the church and sent priests to take cover.

Mouawad was assisting in a mass performed by Priest Rabih Thoumi that was live-streamed because of coronavirus restrictions in Lebanon. The moment was caught on camera where Thoumi ran for cover as debris fell from the ceiling. The camera fell after the blast and shattered glass could be seen spread across the floor.

Two days later, Mouawad could still remember the "fear and horror" of that moment, walking through his parish's church showing damages, and vowed to rebuild the church "all over again."

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