Sunday, Feb 28, 2021
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BLM and Proud Boys unite...over guns

RT, 20 Jan 2021
Just when you thought nothing could bridge the USA’s political chasm, along came… guns. Of course.

A gun-rights rally in Richmond, Virginia, saw movements as vitriolically opposed as the Black Panthers and the Proud Boys attend the same protest and, for once, for the same reason: to protect the Second Amendment.

Trump flags and BLM banners were on display as gun-lovers of all persuasions gathered outside the Virginia State Capitol.

Despite some fairly obvious s**t-hitting-fan potential, the heavily armed crowd remained peaceful.

As one activist, who gave his name as Billy, said: ‘Well, the Second Amendment protects your First Amendment. So that’s why we’re all here. And you see Proud Boys over there, you saw the Boogaloo Boys here today, you see the Black Panthers over there, you see the BLM757. They all wanna keep their guns, too. We’re all peaceful.’

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