Monday, Jun 14, 2021
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Bombsites in Gaza turned into parkour playgrounds

RT, 06 Jun 2021
A popular extreme sport has just got even more ‘extreme’.

Last month’s 11-day conflict between Hamas and Israel saw a number of buildings in Gaza reduced to rubble. But a group of Palestinian performers have decided to make the most of it, by turning one site into a ‘parkour playground’.

The Al-Galaa tower – which used to house news organisations such as Al Jazeera and Associated Press – was destroyed by Israel security forces last month.

But video footage shows that the remains of the building may have found a new lease of life.

A local parkour expert, Jihad Abu Sultan, claimed that the group wants to ‘shed light on the scope of this destruction and the rubble caused by the warplanes in Gaza.’

On May 21st, a ceasefire came into effect following a severe escalation of violence which left over 200 people dead – most of whom were on the Palestinian side.

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