Sunday, Sep 20, 2020
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Boris Johnson criticised as 'expectant dads can go to the pub but not their baby's growth scans'

Telegraph, 16 Sep 2020
During the Liaison Committee, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was grilled over the lack of support for pregnant women.

Petitions committee chair Catherine McKinnell asked the Prime Minister about pregnant women and why the Government rejected every petition that called for women to have their partners with them.

Mr Johnson said he "totally agrees" with those who say that separation was wrong.

But Ms McKinnell pointed to the pledge he made during People's Questions, and 23 recommendations which were mostly rejected. She asked him to "genuinely commit" to supporting new mums.

He said he is "certainly happy" to look at what more can be done to support new mums. But Ms McKinnell said it is easier for a new father to "go to the pub or grouse shooting than to attend his own baby's growth scans".

He promised to look into this.

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