Thursday, Dec 09, 2021
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Boris Johnson loses speech notes, talks about Peppa Pig instead

CA, 23 Nov 2021
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson briefly forgot his words on Monday when he lost his place in notes during a speech before regaling business leaders with an anecdote about his recent visit to a Peppa Pig theme park.

Searching through his notes, Johnson sighed, said "blast it" and repeatedly muttered "forgive me" as he briefly interrupted his speech to the Confederation of British Industry in Port of Tyne, northern England.

He recovered, talking about technology "unicorns" and then a visit to Peppa Pig World, a park based on the children's animated TV show about an exuberant pink pig and her friends and family.

In the speech, Johnson told business leaders about what he terms the green industrial revolution. He also said the job of government should sometimes be to "get out of your hair" and ensure less regulation and taxation.

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