Friday, Aug 14, 2020
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Boris Johnson says 'we can't fool ourselves that we are exempt' from coronavirus' return

Telegraph, 31 Jul 2020
Boris Johnson says it is the time to "squeeze the brake pedal in order to keep virus under control".

He says he had hoped to reopen higher risk settings from August 1, "but we are postponing those changes for at least a fortnight".

That means that the earliest casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks and close contact environments will be able to re-open is August 15.

Wedding receptions of up to 15 people are also not permitted, although ceremonies can along Covid-secure guidelines.

Boris Johnson says the country "cannot be complacent" and he says he will not "stand by" and let coronavirus cause more pain and suffering.

That is why the "targeted measure on social contact" has been introduced in the North of England.

Businesses and work places should continue as before, he says. It is "hard" to have restrictions imposed on us seeing those who we love, but they are necessary.

He then says the Government is looking at national plans.

Boris Johnson said at today's press briefing that "the data tells us is driving the current increase in cases."

He said that the plan to reopen the country was "conditional."

It comes after the government announced last night further restrictions in parts of Northern England to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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