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Canada election: Highlights from the English-language leaders' debate

CA, 10 Sep 2021
The leaders of Canada's Liberal Party, Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party sparred Thursday in the first and only English-language debate of the 2021 federal election on a wide range of topics, including reconciliation, leadership and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The debate started off with a heated exchange between Paul and Trudeau over his claims of being a feminist as he defended his government's handling of the military sexual misconduct crisis, saying she does "not believe that Mr. Trudeau is a real feminist." Trudeau hit back saying he would not take instruction on caucus management from Paul, and praised University-Rosedale Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland for her work as finance minister and deputy prime minister.

O'Toole and Blanchet then took to slam Trudeau over his government's handling of China and the detainment of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, to which Trudeau responded saying "you can't be lobbing tomatoes across the Pacific." Blanchet also said while people can't be "throwing tomatoes" as a solution, he said the Liberal leader's record on human rights is "not perfect."

Paul also criticized Blanchet over comments he made on systemic racism, saying she had invited him to "get educated" about the issue. When Blanchet fired back claiming she had insulted him, she responded saying, "it was an invitation to educate yourself."

As Trudeau and Singh debated over the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), which the latter criticized the former for not having acted on the "calls for justice," Paul said Thursday that the debate was a reason for having more diversity in politics. She said they need to see people directly impacted by issues, like the MMIWG inquiry, to be able to speak directly to the issues.

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