Monday, Oct 26, 2020
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Canadian MPs argue Trudeau prorogued Parliament to avoid WE Charity scandal, rush COVID-19 bill

CA, 29 Sep 2020
The House of Commons sat on Monday to debate the Liberal government's proposed Bill C-2, a COVID-19 economic recovery package.

Liberal Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez argued that there is an "urgency" to pass the bill with Canadians needing financial support after the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) ended Sept. 27.

The bill establishes more flexibility to qualify for employment insurance and it would also set up three new benefits for Canadians who won’t qualify for EI but are still impacted by the economic crisis generated by COVID-19.

Conservative John Brassard said the Liberals have put themselves in an "angelic position" to pass the motion by rushing it through after proroguing Parliament and are now making the opposition look bad by "playing games" with a $57-billion bill.

Bloc Quebecois MP Yves Perron argued the bill is being rushed through in two days after the Liberals prorogued government because of the WE Charity scandal.

The Canada Student Services Grant was announced by PM Justin Trudeau on June 25 and billed as a way for students to earn money towards their post-secondary education by volunteering for charities and non-profit groups fighting COVID-19. The government’s decision to have WE Charity run the program, which had an announced budget of $912 million, drew immediate allegations of a conflict of interest due to Trudeau’s ties to the charity, and was cancelled.


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