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Capitol riot: Police officials blame Pentagon, intelligence agencies for security failures | FULL

CA, 24 Feb 2021
The U.S. Senate held a hearing on Tuesday to examine the security measures that failed to fortify the US Capitol during the deadly riot on Jan. 6. Testifying publicly for the first time since the insurrection, former security officials cast blame on the Pentagon and the intelligence community for the disastrous failure to anticipate the violent intentions leading up to the riot.

Led by Rules Committee Chairwoman Sen. Amy Klobuchar, lawmakers questioned officials in charge on the day the Trump supporter-led mob overran the Capitol building as members of the House and Senate were inside. All four police officials testified the event of Jan 6. was a planned insurrection and coordinated attack by white supremacists and other extremist groups when asked by Klobuchar.

Paul Irving, the House's former sergeant-at-arms instead said that intelligence had not warranted having troops at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

"'Optics' as portrayed in the media played no role in my decisions about security," Irving said during the hearing. "We did discuss whether the intelligence warranted having troops at the Capitol. The collective judgment at that time was no - the intelligence did not warrant that."

Klobuchar concluded the hearing with items of action, including making changes to the Capitol police approval process, better sharing of intelligence, and security.

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