Sunday, Feb 28, 2021
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Caravan of Central American migrants heads toward US border

DW, 17 Jan 2021
Thousands of migrants from central America are gathering in Guatemala for an expected push north towards the United States. Mexican border forces are on alert for their arrival. It's thought the migrants are hoping Joe Biden's incoming administration will be less tough on migration than the current one.
Determined not to stop till they reach the US, a group of several thousand Honduran migrants, now in Guatemala, have been walking for weeks. Some of them clashed with Guatemalan police as authorities tried to push them back towards the border. But with little effect. Escaping an economy battered by the pandemic, gang violence and hurricanes - they are seeking a better life in the North.
With a new US administration being sworn in next week and Joe Biden promising a more humane approach to immigration, these travelers are hopeful.
Mexican authorities have deployed 500 officers to the border. An agreement with the US stops them letting migrants through. But, like so many before them, the people here see no alternative but to keep pushing on.


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