Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Cat saved by fans with American flag after dramatic 50-foot fall at football stadium

CA, 13 Sep 2021
Fans pulled off the biggest catch of the night at a Miami Hurricanes college football game on Saturday, when they used an American flag to break the fall of a cat that fell off the upper deck of the stadium.

This video shows footage from multiple angles of the cat swaying back and forth from the ledge until it couldn't hold on any longer, drawing gasps from the crowd as it plummetted some 50 feet from the ledge.

Panic quickly took over fans before the cat was raised up to show it was okay and appeared to be uninjured.

It’s unclear how the cat got in or what happened to it afterward. Miami coach Manny Diaz joked that the feline might have a future with his team.

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