Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021
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Challenges of fighting terrorism in Xinjiang: The black hands

CGTN, 02 Apr 2021
For years, extremists in and out of Xinjiang have turned to the internet to spread their separatist ideologies. Recruitment and propaganda videos, including some that taught how to make weapons such as explosives, were being uploaded onto the internet. To counter this threat, Xinjiang's internet safe-keepers have been actively scanning the internet for suspicious materials and activities.

The War in the Shadows: Challenges of Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang

With unprecedented transparency, this 60-minute film reveals the reasons behind terrorism in Xinjiang from inside of the region. It has exposed for the first time the cases of the "Two-faced" men within the high-ranking officials, and the "problem textbooks" used regionwide. This documentary has also been given unprecedented access to the heart of the region's counter-terrorism organizations. It contains footages never released before.

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