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Children in Africa at risk from conflict, climate, COVID-19

DW, 24 Jul 2021
Niger is in the grips of Islamist violence in its south and western regions - and children are among those bearing the brunt of the insecurity. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes for safety. But those who've stayed back are often out of reach of urgent humanitarian assistance, hindered by the growing Jihadist attacks.
DW’s West Africa correspondent Fred Muvunyi traveled with UNICEF to a camp for displaced people in Ouallam – one of the regions affected by the violence.
But just south of the border, being at school can also be a traumatic trap for teachers and students. Nigeria has a kidnapping crisis on its hands. This year alone there’ve been more than 150 of these incidents in the north of the country, with a significant number of victims seized from schools and held for ransom.
Further east, in the Central African Republic, sexual violence has long been a weapon of war. A recent UN report found that this threat is widespread in the ongoing conflict there. And among those particularly at risk are women and girls who are deaf. DW News Africa visited one organization in the country that's trying to make a difference to this group. Every day, members of the association head out on the campaign trail, to try to raise awareness and protect some of society’s most vulnerable individuals.


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