Sunday, Nov 01, 2020
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China reportedly expands Xinjiang Uighur detention camps

DW, 25 Sep 2020
Researchers in Australia have identified and mapped more than 380 suspected detention facilities in Xinjiang, that northwestern part of China where the government has interned hundreds of thousands, possibly more than a million, Muslim minorities including the Uighurs.
That's one hundred more facilities than previously known, and they used satellite images to build their database. One trend has stood out: the Communist Party is building more high-security prisons, and decomissioning the lower-security ones. In other words, in the last three years, they've doubled down on this crackdown, despite growing international pressure. And what's happening, directly contradicts Beijing's narrative.
China first tried to deny the existence of camps, then it said most people in there have returned home. And now, with these latest revelations, this is what the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.


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