Friday, Sep 24, 2021
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Chopper's Politics: Could tax rise anger cost the Conservatives seats? | Podcast

Telegraph, 13 Sep 2021
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The biggest tax rises since World War II dominate the discussion this week, with every guest giving their two cents on the government's manifesto-breaking move to fund social care.
Cabinet Office Minister Chloe Smith joins Christopher Hope in the Red Lion pub to discuss two new Bills that could, controversially, see passports required at the ballot box, plus she defies critics who say the National Insurance rise is un-Conservative.
Also on the podcast, Martin Baxter from elections experts Electoral Calculus breaks down exclusive polling looking at voting intentions if an election were held tomorrow - and it's not looking good for some big Tory names.
And finally Sir Oliver Letwin talks about his new book, in which he warns government ministers to rapidly change tack on China.

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