Thursday, Oct 22, 2020
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Chopper's Politics Podcast: The “lentil-eating, sandal-wearing, beard-growing“ BBC

Telegraph, 18 Sep 2020
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Westminster is often referred to as "the corridors of power", and three inhabitants of those hallowed halls join Christopher Hope to discuss the politics of holding power on this week’s show.

First, the power of rumbling rebellions, as former Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC, tells Christopher Hope why he can’t support the government’s move to break the law in a "limited and specific way" over Brexit, and what he makes of Presidential candidate Biden weighing in on the subject.

Plus Culture Committee member Philip Davies MP covers the power wielded by (deep breath everyone) "metropolitan, left-leaning, lentil-eating, sandal wearing, beard-growing" employees at the BBC, and former International Development Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan tells us who really holds more power: ministers or civil servants.

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