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Chopper's Politics Podcast: Will Northern Ireland still exist in 100 years?

Telegraph, 05 May 2021
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Britain heads for the polls this week, as Thursday sees local and regional elections of all kinds. Joining The Telegraph’s chief political correspondent, Christopher Hope is a cacophony of experts to help us take the political temperature ahead of the big day.

Writer and commentator Alan Cochrane tells Chris why Scottish Labour's refusal to talk about the issues will hold them back, that Conservatives in England are a bit slow on the uptake by calling for unionists to work together, and what might dampen Nicola Sturgeon's spirits after a probable win for the SNP (spoiler alert, it begins with 'S' and ends in 'almond').

And on the week of Northern Ireland's 100th birthday, writer Kevin Meagher gives his views on what he believes is its short future, plus polling expert Martin Baxter, from Electoral Calculus, gives us his breakdown of what we can expect from Thursday, and what it could mean for the next general election.

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