Monday, Dec 06, 2021
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Colombia's most wanted drug lord arrested

Al Jazeera, 24 Oct 2021
Security forces in Colombia have captured Dairo Antonio Usuga, the country’s most wanted drug trafficker.
Better known as Otoniel, the 50 year old was arrested on Saturday during an operation in a rural area of Colombia’s Uraba region, located in Antioquia province.
Images circulating on social media show Otoniel handcuffed with his face planted to the ground.
President Ivan Duque likened his arrest to the capture three decades ago of Pablo Escobar, the famed Colombian narco-trafficking kingpin.
Duque said Otoniel is accused of sending dozens of shipments of cocaine to the United States, as well as of killing police officers, recruiting minors, and sexually abusing children, among other crimes.

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