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Confusion over NATO's Russia stance as Biden celebrates one year in office

DW, 21 Jan 2022
US President Biden held a marathon two-hour press conference at the White House to mark his first year in office. He said what was uncomfortable and obvious: NATO is not always unified over what to do about Russia.

And he threw confusion on top of that by suggesting the US and its allies might react differently to a "minor incursion" into Ukraine by Russia as opposed to a full-scale military invasion. His press secretary has spent the past 24 hours explaining what her boss meant to say.

On this side of the Atlantic, it was clean up duty as well for US Secretary of State Blinken. In Berlin today, he once again reassured Kyiv and US allies in Europe that the US stance remains unchanged: Any Russian move against Ukraine will result in severe consequences.

00:00 Biden sows confusion over Russia stance
00:54 Blinken in Berlin for Ukraine talks
03:09 How united is the West?
06:35 How likely is an ‘accidental’ war at Russia’s borders?
09:21 One year Biden at White House


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