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Congress grills Big Tech CEOs over influence, accused of censoring Conservatives

CA, 30 Jul 2020
Four Big Tech CEOs — Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Sundar Pichai and Apple’s Tim Cook — defended their companies’ practices before Congress at a hearing Wednesday by the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust.

During the subcommitee hearing, the four CEOs faced questioning over censoring Conservative voices on their platforms, their speed at responding to misinformation, and whether they would end their relationship with advertising companies found to use slave labour.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Florida lambasted the companies, claiming that they were "censoring" conservative voices, citing various reports of different media companies like Breitbart being censored and Amazon suspending President Donald Trump's own Twitch account over "hateful content."

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner questioned Zuckerberg over the limiting of Donald Trump Jr.'s account for posting a video which shows lab coat-wearing doctors making several unproven claims including that studies which have found hydroxychloroquine to be ineffective against COVID-19 were "fake science." Zuckerberg responded to the question saying the president's son had his Twitter account limited, not Facebook, but added that stating there's a proven cure for COVID-19 when there isn't one would be the type of content that could be taken down.

Rep. Ken Buck also questioned all four CEOs about their companies selling items by various suppliers and asked how they would respond if it was found a supplier was using slave labour. All four leaders said they don't condone slave labour, and both Zuckerberg and Cook said they'd terminate a relationship with a supplier if such a case were found.

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