Monday, Sep 28, 2020
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Coronavirus: Actor Paul Rudd urges younger generations to wear masks in comedic PSA

CA, 16 Sep 2020
Actor Paul Rudd produced a comedic public service announcement that was released on Monday to urge “Millennials” and other younger generations to wear a face mask as part of the effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as the number of cases in the 20-39 age group continues to rise at high rates compared to other age groups.

Calling himself a "certified young person," Rudd, who is 51, said he was asked by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to do the PSA.

During the video, Rudd tries to play guitar, gives rapping an attempt, speaks with teenage singer "Billie Eilish" on the phone who is apparently wearing her mask and encourages people do the "Save Grandma" TikTok challenge.He eventually breaks character and asks people to "just wear a mask."

"We've got to yeet this virus," he says – slang and all.

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