Friday, Aug 14, 2020
Focus on the big picture

Coronavirus 'as close as you can get to fighting a war', says Matt Hancock

Telegraph, 30 Jul 2020
Matt Hancock pays tribute to the "great achievement" during the outbreak, but notes that "we all know we haven't got everything right".

The Health Secretary is giving a speech to the Royal College of Physicians just hours after official figures showed that England had the highest excess deaths out of 21 countries in Europe in the first half of 2020.

But today he wants to talk about what he has learned from the crisis.

It has been "a moment of stark clarity" he adds, "which has suddenly and dramatically revealed our healthcare landscape".

The pandemic has been "as close as you can get to fighting a war without actually fighting a war", Matt Hancock has said.

He highlights some successes such as building the Nightingale Hospitals in nine days and doubling ICU capacity, as well as treating the NHS as a system rather than "atomised" components.

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