Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021
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Coronavirus: Gorillas at San Diego Zoo in California test positive for COVID-19

CA, 12 Jan 2021
Several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo in California have tested positive for COVID-19, the zoo announced Monday, marking the first known transmission to great apes.

After two of the gorillas began coughing on Jan. 6, the zoo said fecal samples were sent to the California Animal Health Safety Laboratory System and came back positive.

The zoo hasn't ruled out that other members of the gorilla troop are also positive. Lisa Peterson, executive director for the zoo, said they're experiencing mild symptoms but are "doing OK" and they suspect the gorillas got the virus from an asymptomatic zoo team member.

The zoo said it is unknown if the gorillas will have any serious reaction given it is the first known transmission to the species.

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