Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
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Coronavirus: Trudeau says handling pandemic ‘job one,’ throne speech has several elements | FULL

CA, 17 Sep 2020
Asked about previous comments to Global News that the throne speech would including an “ambitious green agenda” and whether that’s changed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic is “job one.”

He said the pandemic has also shown gaps for people, with some “falling through the cracks,” and while green tech will help to “build back better,” they need to ensure they focus on protecting Canadians from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

When asked about concerns of a potential election during the COVID-19 pandemic, said on Wednesday they have been listening carefully to opposition parties in terms of what they see Canadians need ahead of the throne speech. However, he said it would be “irresponsible” to talk about the recklessness of elections, but opposition parties need to reflect on the direction the country is taking, but added he does not want an election and their goal is to keep Canadians safe.

Trudeau also said they would be using a hybrid model for the resumption of parliament, with some MPs gathering in Ottawa while others attend virtually. He also said he recognizes people need to vote for constituents, and it would be unfair for those in remote or vulnerable sectors to not be able to do so, so they are looking at a form of distanced voting to ensure MPs can vote wherever they are.

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