Monday, Mar 08, 2021
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COVID & child labour: Some kids may never return to school | COVID-19 Special

DW, 22 Feb 2021
An estimated 152 million children are being put to work around the world. Hard manual labor in mines, in fields, on family farms. In Africa, one in five children is involved in child labour. Girls are especially vulnerable. The number of children at work is set to dramatically worsen because of the pandemic. As it wreaks havoc on family incomes, many parents could put their kids to work. More than a billion children in 130 countries have been affected by school closures and child labour has risen in line, as schoolgates bang shut.The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has told DW that children are paying the largest price in this pandemic.
In India, going back to school is no longer an option for many children in many villages, even as a staggered reopening of schools is underway. The coronavirus pandemic has left many parents jobless, meaning their children now have to step up and become breadwinners.


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