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Covid restrictions: How much has really changed compared to autumn 2020?

Telegraph, 15 Sep 2021
Boris Johnson has outlined Britain's winter Covid plan, with a document revealing that Britain could be plunged back into lockdown to protect the NHS.

It brings back echoes of his speeches in Autumn 2020, as seen in the video above.

The new 32-page document published this afternoon sets out a "Plan A" for managing the virus over the next seven months.

It also sets out a "Plan B" blueprint if Covid threatens to overwhelm the health service, including the possibility of legally mandating the wearing of masks, introducing vaccine passports at a range of indoor venues and asking people to work from home once again.

For many, those measures would represent an infringement on freedoms that the Prime Minister alluded to on 22 Sept 2020 when he said: “Of course I’m deeply, spiritually reluctant to make any of these impositions or infringe anyone’s freedom.”

Beyond the outlined contingency plans, the document released on Tuesday signalled that a fourth lockdown remains a possibility.

There are many similarities in the language used last year. “The whole point is to avoid a second national lockdown,” the Prime Minister said on Sept 9 2020.

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