Monday, Dec 06, 2021
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'Crime Against Humanity' - Putin on 'Wokeness' and Western PC Culture

RT, 23 Oct 2021
#Putin on global trends: From insane cancel culture to ‘reverse racism’. In spite of them, Russia will continue to choose ‘sensible conservatism.’

Here are some of the key points that he made:
✅ The ‘insanity’ of cancel culture results in us blinding ourselves from our own history.
✅ The once ‘honorable’ fight for equality has turned into ‘dogmatism on the verge of absurdity' and is resulting in just more racism, but the receiving end of it has changed.
✅ The trend in which parents have become numbers and children are being indoctrinated with ideas that ‘a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa’ are simply ‘monstrous’ and are a ‘crime against humanity.’

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Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative.
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