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Donald Trump dismisses climate change influence on US wildfires

DW, 15 Sep 2020
US President Donald Trump on Monday dismissed the role of climate change in the deadly wildfires that have devastated the western states of California, Oregon and Washington. Speaking at a briefing in California, Trump rejected arguments by state officials who said that a heating climate was behind the ever-stronger fires. "It will start getting cooler. You just watch," Trump said.
Trump has blamed poor forest management for the fires. He has also accused local elected officials of neglecting to clear land appropriately.
A few minutes before the briefing , Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden launched a scathing attack at Trump, calling him a "climate arsonist."
The blazes that continue to ravage swathes of land across California, Oregon and Washington, have killed at least 35 people since the beginning of summer and have forced thousands to evacuate their homes.

Nearly 5 million acres of land is said to be burned.


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