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DW correspondents leave Afghanistan – Is Pakistan safe?

DW, 10 Sep 2021
00:00 Ten DW correspondents depart Afghanistan
03:11 US prepares to mark 20th anniversary of 9/11
03:42 Is Afghanistan's economy at the brink of collapse?
06:09 US-Pakistan relationship since 9/11
09:02 Interview with Michael Kugelman (Deputy Director of Asia Program, Wilson Center)

Ten DW correspondents working in Afghanistan have now been able to leave the country - following its takeover by the Taliban.
The correspondents entered neighboring Pakistan earlier today. This group includes DW's sole female correspondent in Afghanistan. The situation for journalists on the ground has become increasingly dangerous, with reports of intimidation and violence at the hands of the Taliban.

But Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan extends far beyond aid and taking in Afghan refugees. The 9/11 terror attacks meant it was to play a pivotal role in US operations and policy in Afghanistan. A prime reason for that was Pakistan's support for the Taliban. It formed the basis of co-operation and confrontation with the United States.

The UN development agency says the takeover by the Taliban has put more than 20 years of gains at risk and that large parts of the country could be plunged into poverty by the middle of next year. They warn that Afghanistan could soon be on the brink of economic and social collapse - if no effort is made to support the economy.
The comments come as the international community faces off over whether to unfreeze billions of dollars of funds belonging to Afghanistan and currently held in the US. Some say the risk of not doing so could leave millions hungry and generate new waves of refugees. But the US says it has conditions.


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