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PBS News Weekend full episode, May 28, 2023

PBS, 29 May 2023
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, the latest on the agreement in principle that the White House and Congressional GOP reached on a debt ceiling deal. Why having in-person medical interpreters is vital to the health of Asian Americans with limited English proficiency. The story of Capt. Frances Brown Wai’s heroism in World War II. Plus, a grandfather tells his grandson about a special wartime assignment.

What we know about Biden and McCarthy’s debt limit deal
News Wrap: Impeached Texas AG Paxton awaits Senate trial
Why medical interpreters can be a vital but scarce resource
The heroic actions of Capt. Francis Brown Wai in WWII
An Army bugler’s story about his special wartime assignment

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00:00 - Intro
01:59 - Debt Deal
09:27 - News Wrap
11:32 - Translating Medicine
20:06 - Hidden Histories
22:34 - A Soldier’s Story
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