Sunday, Jun 13, 2021
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FBI-encrypted app leads to 800 arrests and seizure of weapons, drugs

DW, 08 Jun 2021
Operation Trojan Shield, also known as Task Force Greenlight and Operation Ironside in Australia, was one of the largest global operations against encrypted criminal activity to date. The operation was built around the ANOM messaging platform, which was being secretly run by the FBI. Some 16 countries, along with Europol, were involved in the global operation.

Over 18 months, they had access to more than 27 million messages sent over the ANOM app. As a result of the cooperative efforts, police were able to make more than 800 arrests and search 700 locations.

The FBI and Australian Federal Police designed the ANOM platform to specifically suit the needs of organized crime gangs after noticing huge demand for encrypted communications and only volatile offerings.


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