Friday, Jul 30, 2021
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Fox News: 99% Of Those Dying From COVID Are Due To Not Being Vaccinated

RT, 22 Jul 2021
Fox News Panel Claims People Dying From COVID Is Due To Not Being Vaccinated

Streaming - Wed 12 PM EST

The assertion came as co-host Steve Doocy urged those who have resisted getting the vaccine to get the shot — and as the highly contagious delta variant surges across states with low vaccination rates, filling hospital beds and alarming public health officials.

“Listen, if you didn’t get a vaccination, that’s your choice,” Kilmeade said, adding that he and his co-hosts had all gotten the shot and were no longer wearing masks.

“If you want to go cliff-diving this weekend, you don’t have to check with me,” Kilmeade said. “It seems a little dangerous, but I’m not going to judge you. And if you go ahead and put yourself in danger, and you feel as though this is not something for you, don’t do it. But don’t affect my life.”

“99 percent of the people who are dying from Covid are unvaccinated,” Doocy interrupted.

“That’s their choice,” Kilmeade said.
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