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"Freedom Day:" UK residents go clubbing as COVID-19 restrictions lift, but some still wary

CA, 20 Jul 2021
Several U.K. residents in London and Leeds, England, headed to nightclubs at the stroke of midnight on Monday as COVID-19 restrictions further lifted in what many were labelling as "Freedom Day."

Included in the new changes is that residents will no longer be legally required to wear masks in England, as well as social distancing limits shelved, meaning there are no limits on the number of people attending theatre performances or big events. Nightclubs were also able to reopen for the first time in almost 18 months, prompting thousands to dance the night away.

But later in the day, some people were expressing concerns over the changes, as COVID-19 case rates continue to rise in the U.K. as the Delta variant surges, with cases topping 50,000 per day last week, though virus deaths remain comparatively low so far.

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