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‘Gen Z’ Thai protesters and police blame each other for violence at key Bangkok intersection

SCMP, 25 Sep 2021
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Thailand is not unfamiliar with political turmoil. The country has seen 13 military coups since 1932, most recently in 2014. In 2019, the military-backed Palang Pracharath Party won a disputed general election and elevated former military general Prayuth Chan-ocha to prime minister. The latest round of anti-government protests began in July 2020, when Thailand emerged from a three-month Covid-19 lockdown. The demonstrations have largely been led by university and high school students, who have a list of demands including calls for a new constitution, the dissolution of parliament, military reform and reform of the monarchy. Thailand’s battered economy, which is at its weakest since 1997, is another reason people have taken to the streets. While most of the protests have been peaceful, one intersection in the capital Bangkok has seen nightly clashes between young protesters and Thai police. With each side blaming the other for provoking violence, and with no compromise in sight, the situation could become even more dangerous.

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