Friday, Sep 17, 2021
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George Eustice: Change to self-isolation rules 'under review'

Telegraph, 23 Jul 2021
The Government’s list exempting critical workers from self-isolation when pinged by the NHS Covid app will not be extended to the hospitality industry before August 16, a Cabinet minister has said.

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George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, said that the Government made a "special exception" for the food sector because staff shortages due to the pingdemic meant England’s food supply was being threatened.

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He told Sky News: "We need to make sure we maintain our food supply, we will never take risks with our food supply.

"When it comes to other sectors, yes, of course, the fact that they are also carrying high absence levels is causing some stress for them and making it more difficult."

However, he said that exemptions would not be extended to other sectors because the Government is "trying to just dampen the pace and the velocity at which this infection is spreading".

This follows industry leaders warning that they will still face staff shortages and lost revenue because of the numbers of workers having to self-isolate, despite the new plans.

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