Sunday, Apr 11, 2021
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George Floyd died from low oxygen levels, doctor confirms during Derek Chauvin trial

CA, 09 Apr 2021
Pulmonary and critical care physician Dr. Martin Tobin on Thursday testified in ex-police officer Derek Chauvin’s murder trial that George Floyd died as a result of having a low level of oxygen, which caused brain damage and caused his heart to stop.

The doctor explained in detail how the lungs take in air and how a knee on Floyd's neck, combined with other factors, prevented Floyd from taking in enough oxygen to breathe properly and ultimately led to his death.

Tobin also explained how the placement of the handcuffs, combined with Floyd being pushed into the street, made it difficult for his body, to try and take in air to breathe.

"It was almost to the effect as if a surgeon had gone in and removed the lung," said the doctor.

Floyd, 46, died in May of 2020 in police custody. A video showed then-Officer Chauvin kneeling on his neck for several minutes.

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