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Global National: April 27, 2021 | N.L. sends critical care workers to Ontario to help with 3rd wave

CA, 28 Apr 2021
Newfoundland and Labrador is sending reinforcements to aid Ontario’s fight against the coronavirus’ crushing third wave. A team of nine nurses and doctors boarded a military plane bound for Ontario on Tuesday. Although the team is not big enough to turn the tide, but the need is so great any help is appreciated. Eric Sorensen reports.

Last week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford promised his government would finally set up a paid sick leave program. But we’re now learning the province wants to piggyback on a federal program. Travis Dhanraj has more on the federal government’s response to Ford’s proposal.

Quebec is reporting the first death in Canada linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. A woman in her 50’s died after developing a rare vaccine-induced blood clot in her brain. But as Mike Armstrong reports, Quebec officials say they have no plans to change their vaccine rollout strategy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to send $10 million to India to help the country cope with a record-setting number of COVID-19 infections. The official death toll from COVID-19 in India will soon surpass 200,000. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is warning that as people rush to overburdened hospitals for treatment, it may be making the situation worse. Redmond Shannon explains.

Trudeau faced tough questions again today about a disturbing allegation against Canada’s former top soldier Gen. Jonathan Vance. It is the first time Trudeau has addressed the issue since a former senior advisor revealed in testimony last week that the prime minister’s chief of staff knew about the allegation – and that it involved personal misconduct. Mike Le Couteur has more.

As the personal income tax deadline looms, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a more complicated filing for many. Those who don’t file on time might experience a delay in much-needed benefits. As Anne Gaviola explains, how and when you file your return is more important than ever.

During the first two waves of the pandemic, few places were more vulnerable than long-term care homes. Thousands of residents got sick and died and those who survived endured months of lockdown. Three women who live in long-term care in Calgary found a way to get through by turning to eachother, and their love of literature. Heather Yourex-West explains.

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