Saturday, Oct 23, 2021
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Global National: Oct. 9, 2021 | Mixed reactions as Ontario lifts some COVID-19 capacity limits

CA, 10 Oct 2021
Ontario is pushing pandemic limits by lifting COVID-19 capacity limits for concerts and major sporting events this week, and allowing as many audience members to fill up stadiums and halls. But why are other businesses like restaurants and gyms still facing restrictions, and why are other provinces like British Columbia not following suit? Kamil Karamali explains.

Meanwhile in B.C., months after a raging wildfire tore through the village of Lytton, hundreds of residents have yet to return. Emad Agahi visits what remains of the community, 100 days later.

In New Brunswick, after last year's fatal police shooting of Indigenous man Rodney Levi, a coroner inquest has now made over a dozen recommendations to the RCMP, including calls for more self-policing in Indigenous communities. As Ross Lord reports, they hope to prevent similar incidents after what's become a string of fatal encounters across Canada.

Officials from the United States held in-person talks with Taliban leaders for the first time since the chaos following the American military's withdrawal from Afghanistan. But as Jennifer Johnson explains, the militant group is ruling out helping the U.S. keep extremists out of the country, even as it sees deadly bombings from a rival terror group.

Anne Gaviola looks how the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted some Canadian workers to pivot into being their own boss.

And, after sharing her brave journey fighting a deadly disease with the world on social media, beloved Montreal neuroscientist Nadia Chaudhri has passed away from ovarian cancer. Mike Drolet looks at the legacy she leaves behind, and how she touched tens of thousands lives worldwide.

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