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Global National: Sep 10, 2020 | Warning bells after COVID-19 outbreaks reported in schools

CA, 11 Sep 2020
It’s the news parents and health officials feared: as more students returned to classes, we’re learning about more cases of COVID-19 at schools. The province of Alberta is reporting outbreaks at three schools. And at least 21 schools have reported at least one positive case of COVID-19. Alberta’s top doctor says no one should be surprised that a few cases have been linked to schools given that numbers have been rising in the past few days. In Manitoba, a student at a Winnipeg high school has tested positive. In B.C., a province that saw a record spike on Thursday, has thousands of students returned to class. The re-entry pandemic plan includes different entry and exit points on school grounds as well as varying lunch and recess times. Jayme Doll has the latest.

Quebec is cracking down on people that don’t wear masks. Back in July, it was the first province to mandate mask-wearing in indoor public spaces. Now it’s the first to hand out fines for people caught not respecting that mandate. Mike Armstrong reports.

The fallout from WE Charity shutting down Canadian operations includes investigations that are underway into its failed student grant program. But there are major questions how those probes can carry on and exactly how WE plans to restructure. Abigail Bimman is digging deeper into that story.

The devastation is growing from wildfires raging up and down the West Coast. In California, Oregon and Washington State crews are struggling to contain dozens of fires. The fierce winds aren’t helping. So far 15 people have died including a toddler and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Eric Sorensen reports.

The White House is in damage control mode after revelations of President Donald Trump deliberately misleading Americans about the seriousness of COVID-19. Donald Trump insists he downplayed the virus to protect the public, but as Jackson Proskow explains, his actions are just one part of the failure of the U.S. to effectively fight the pandemic.


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