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Global National: Sept. 28, 2020| Could restrictions return in some provinces as COVID-19 cases rise?

CA, 29 Sep 2020
Tighter public health restrictions are coming to millions of Canadians, with COVID-19 cases still rising in many parts of the country. In Quebec, three regions are now on "red alert," the highest level of the province's alert system, after 750 new cases were reported. Manitoba saw new restrictions also put in place after 39 cases were reported, while Ontario saw the highest daily increase reported since the pandemic began with 700 new cases.

In Quebec, Premier François Legault explained what new "red alert" restrictions being put in place means for Quebec City, the Greater Montreal Area and the Chaudières-Appalaches region for the next 28 days. The restrictions include the closure of bars, restaurant dining rooms and casinos, though schools will stay open. People will also not allowed in each other's homes, apart from a few exceptions.

The Ontario Hospital Association says drastic action is needed now to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed and wants the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa returned to Stage 2 of restrictions. That is not happening yet, the province's health minister said Monday. Eric Sorensen reports.

Alberta's largest hospital, Calgary Foothills Medical Centre, is restricting visitors as it tries to contain an outbreak of COVID-19. Only pre-approved essential visitors are now allowed inside, as well as those involved in end-of-life care. There are at least 53 infections inside the hospital and four people have died. Across Alberta, cases are not rising as fast as they are in Ontario or Quebec, and as Heather Yourex-West explains, health officials say the province has not yet entered a second wave.

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), the emergency payment that provided financial assistance for Canadians who lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic, has now ended. The Liberal government now wants to fast-track a new multi-billion dollar federal aid package. It's made a deal with the NDP to support it, warding off the possibility of their minority government falling in a confidence vote and preventing an election. But the aid package is still running into tough questions in parliament. David Akin reports more on the Liberal-NDP deal and the price tag for the new benefits that will replace the CERB.

U.S. President Donald Trump has always guarded his tax returns, refusing to release them even though every other president in modern times has done so. Now, the New York Times has obtained some of his tax filings and they reveal Trump did not pay federal tax for 10 of the past 15 years, because he lost more money than he made. Jackson Proskow explains what else his returns reveal.

A B.C. company is hoping to kick-start competition for medical grade masks in this country. Early in the pandemic, much of Canada saw shortages for the product and there were further concerns when President Trump threatened to cut off Canada's American supply. As Robin Gill reports, companies in this country are gearing up for another spike in demand with a made in Canada solution.

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