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Global National: Sept. 27, 2020 | Hundreds attend car rally in Ontario, ignoring restrictions

CA, 28 Sep 2020
Canada's chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam is urging everyone to reduce our contacts and take every measure possible to slow the spread of the coronavirus before it gets out of control. But some people aren't getting the message. In Ontario, for the second weekend in a row, police were called in after hundreds of people ignored warnings and gathered for a car rally. Global's Katherine Ward has tonight's top story.

Canada's Atlantic provinces are keeping new cases at bay. The four provinces - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador - created a "bubble" at the beginning of July to monitor and restrict movements in and out of the region. As Ross Lord reports, that move has allowed university students to head back to class with some normalcy.

The world is approaching a disturbing new threshold in the COVID-19 pandemic. As of tonight, nearly one million people have died of the virus. As David Akin reports, there are warnings the global toll of this pandemic could get much worse in the next year.

Americans can expect a showdown in the U.S. Senate beginning Oct. 12. That's when Republicans and Democrats are expected to question President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court. Democrats are concerned Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation could threaten abortion rights, same-sex marriage and health care. As Jennifer Johnson reports, the battle has only just begun.

The Black Lives Matter movement is moving a push to shed ties with the monarchy in some Caribbean countries. Barbados plans to remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and become a republic. The island nation has been independent from British rule for half a century, but as Crystal Goomansingh reports, its leaders say it's time to cut all colonial ties.

It sounds made up, but a "mini-moon" is a very real space phenomenon. It happens when an asteroid gets caught in Earth's gravitational pull, then temporarily starts orbiting our planet. But one object entering our orbit later this year is raising the eyebrows of astronomers, because as Mike Drolet explains it doesn't look like an asteroid.

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