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Hamilton claims Verstappen knew they would crash but drove into him anyway | Formula 1

Telegraph, 13 Sep 2021
Max Verstappen landed on top of Lewis Hamilton’s head causing their cars to slids into the gravel trap. 

Fortunately, Hamilton’s roll hoop and halo device bore the brunt of the weight. But it left him shaken, his Mercedes badly damaged and both men nursing grievances.

Verstappen insisted that Hamilton had left him “no room”, launching an expletive-laden tirade over his team radio.

Mercedes, for their part, argued that Verstappen’s driving had amounted to a “tactical foul”, team principal Toto Wolff suggesting the Dutchman knew if he allowed Hamilton to stay ahead he might lose the championship lead and therefore preferred not to yield.

After conducting a post-race investigation the stewards eventually sided with Hamilton, handing Verstappen a three-place grid penalty at the next grand prix in Russia for being what they described as “predominantly to blame” for the collision. 

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