Sunday, Sep 20, 2020
Focus on the big picture

Has coronavirus helped tackle the climate crisis?

Telegraph, 30 Jul 2020
Birds are singing, planes are grounded, many people have reconnected with nature - so Covid’s been good for the environment right?

Carbon dioxide is down in places including New York and China - where coal use in power industries has also fallen off a cliff. And in northern Italy emissions of nitrogen dioxide are fading away.

Across the world we might see a dip of around 0.3% in our carbon emissions in 2020.

Greta Thunberg says coronavirus has “not at all” been positive for the environment because “emission cuts have been temporary and coincidental”.

COP26 got cancelled and in general there’s a risk that governments' will prioritise economic recovery over the climate crisis.

So has the coronavirus pandemic helped save the planet?

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