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How America's left prepares for escalating violence

DW, 26 May 2023
There are fears that a polarizing election will further inflame the culture war in the US. This week the Department of Homeland Security warned of a rise in right-wing terrorism -- the potential targets including the LGBTQ community as well as racial and ethnic minorities. While the debate over gun controls remains deadlocked in Washington, some say the best protection for “vulnerable groups" is to give them guns as well.
The Socialist Rifle Association’s answer to gun violence in the US is to arm “vulnerable populations” - meaning Black communities, LGBT people, and women. Through firearms training and advocacy, they hope to “take back the monopoly on gun ownership” from the right wing. I’ve interviewed them at an outreach event, and filmed with them at a shooting range as well as a first-aid training. At a public outreach event in a Washington D.C. park, the Socialist Rifle Association finds an audience for its message that there’s an arms race in this country whether you like it or not, and the right-wing is winning by a long shot.


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