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How Boris Johnson's Covid passports U-turn is creating trust issues for his Government

Telegraph, 20 Jul 2021
With his latest U-turn on coronavirus policy, Boris Johnson is risking the public's all-important trust in his Government, according to The Telegraph's Associate Editor Gordon Rayner.

On the same day that all legal requirements for coronavirus restrictions were dropped, the Prime Minister announced that Covid passports would become mandatory for clubbers from the end of September.

Mr Johnson and his ministers had previously said using such a form of certification domestically would be discriminatory, and they would not make it mandatory.

"The danger, as with any politician, if you over-promise and under-deliver that will be a problem for public trust", said Gordon Rayner. "That will be a problem for Boris Johnson."

Watch Gordon Rayner's full analysis of the Prime Minister's U-turn and whether it means that Covid passports will become a bigger part of our lives in the video above.

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